19 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Are $30 Or Less

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Loop a dimly glowing bulb and cord kitaround a nail for a minimalist alternative to a bedside lamp.


Set a pup-shaped pillow on your readingchair.


Dye this cheap Ikea rug your favorite color,and tuck it next to your bed.

What better way to wake up than to somethingthis fuzzy? Get the rug for $12.



Or order a rug that will make your floorlook like the ocean.

It’s $28.


Use a hammer and nails to drape a swatheof fabric above your bed.

No fancy mounting required.

Read more abouthow they did it here.

(And renters: most leases specify that you can make small holes in thewalls.

) 6.

And make it ~glow~ with a set of net-shapedfairy lights.

Buy a set for $21.



Or opt for something more simple and hangbasic curtains on either side of your bed.

While they’re not fancy linen, you can getthe look for less with these Ikea curtains, $19.

99 for two.

You can hang them from the ceiling with pushpins, or spend $11.

99 (which takes you a few dollarsover your $30 goal) 8.

Nestle a woodland creature night lighton your bedside table or bookshelf.

Even if you don’t leave it on all night,your animal friend can light your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, becauseshe’s battery-powered.


Cover a basic canvas with a thrifted tableclothfor instant fabric wall art.

It only takes about half an hour.


Or loop yarn over a wooden dowel to makea soft and Anthropologie-esque wall hanging.

It’s seriously simple, and you can use whatevercolors work best with the decor you already have, and trim it in whatever shape you want(and not pay $198).


Pile on more pillows, or recover the onesyou already own.

You can never have too many pillows! But youcan always make the ones you have more special by recovering them.


Pick out a new pair of fun and comfy pillowcasesfor the pillows you actually sleep on.

Matching duvet not required.

These are $29.


Light a bunch of warm candles (and turnoff your overhead lights).

Then relax by ~candlelight~.

The handmadesoy wax candles start at $11.


Add yarn pom-poms to a simple blanket.

You can get a similar blanket for $20.


Display your plants on a minimalist hangingshelf.

Even prettier if your plant drapes over thesides of the shelf.

Get it for $30.


Or gather them all on a single shelf byyour window.

Get a similar shelf for $29.



Decorate with dried plants and flowersif you love green but can’t keep plants alive.


Wrap your cords in twine so they looklike pretty rope instead of eyesores.


Sandwich a small table behind your bedto show off the pile of books you want to read.

So they’re not cluttering up your nightstand.

Super tiny apartments can use this as a nightstand, too.

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19 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Are $30 Or Less



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