28 Home Makeover Ideas 2017

28 Home Makeover Ideas for 2017 and beyond Whether it’s part of your new year’s resolutionor just something you’ve been meaning to do, a home makeover can be expensive and cantake a ton of work.

Whatever your goal is, the new year is a perfecttime to change things up.

Here are a few makeover ideas that will leaveyour home looking new and fresh, but won’t break the bank.


Give that dull corner of your house a splashof color.

Pick a color that evokes a mood.

Often, a tranquil purple or gray is a goodchoice for a busy area, or maybe a deep red will liven the coat corner.

Whatever you choose, do so boldly.


Paint your own geometric wall art.

It doesn’t take much—just find some decentlooking wooden boards to use and put strips of painter’s tape down to create your ownshapes.

This is a great way to dress up a living roomwithout buying an expensive print.


Create an island for your kitchen, Part 1.

In this DIY project, you’re going to needa few basic woodworking tools.

After sanding down the corners and smoothingout all the wood, you’ll assemble the parts according to the design you want to make.

It’s easier to assemble it all in place,so be sure to map out where exactly the island will go and how large it will be so that everythingfits nicely.

Part 2: In this video, you’ll watch as youlearn how to properly mark where you want the island and begin installing the base andthe walls of the island.

Use resources like a T Square to make surethat your corners are perfect.

This video also teaches you how to ensureyour top will be level before actually installing the top.

Overall, this isn’t a highly complicatedproject, but you’ll need to have everything prepared ahead of time.


Resurface an ugly concrete patio.

Great news: you don’t have to stare at thecrack in the concrete patio anymore! Use interlocking teak flooring tiles to resurfaceyour outdoor patio for a clean new look.

Plus, they are easily uninstalled in caseyou’re not sure if you want to keep them, or if you’re renting.


Use high gloss paint to spruce up your chairs.

If you have a nice set of chairs (or justone), a fun way to change it up a bit is by updating the surface.

Use some high gloss paint in order to createa shiny new finish that adds a cool touch to your antique piece.

Be careful, though- high gloss paint willeasily show flaws in your paint job! 6.

Use old wood to make a new coffee table.

Whether you use the wood from an antique piecethat you inherited, or you just find the wood at a flea market, you can easily turn it intoa cool coffee table.

The smoother the wood, the nicer the table’ssurface will be, so choose wisely! 7.

Use a crate to make a pet bed.

Let’s face it—your pet runs the house.

Andexpects a glorious throne to rule from.

This is an easy project that will impressnot just your house guests, but your pet too.

But reassembling a few basic parts of a crate,you can turn a pile of wood into a luxurious bed your pet will thank you for.


Awesome chalk and dry-erase memo board.

In this easy DIY project, you’ll use a simpleframe, along with a few special surfaces to create a chalk-dry-erase combination memoboard so you won’t forget about coffee with mother-in-law next time! 9.

Disguise your ugly tile.

Faux tin tile is a fun new product that temporarilycovers up your ugly and dated pink tiles.

Whether it’s a fireplace or a backsplashin the kitchen, the tile is “versa-tile” (get it?) and can be placed anywhere.

You won’t pay an arm and a leg either, asthis can be found for cheap on Amazon.


Resurface your nesting tables with vinyl flooring.

If you have a cool set of nesting tables (justa fancy term for small tables that stack into each other), and want to vamp them up a bit,you can use your choice of vinyl flooring for the table surface.

It’s fast, easy, and fun.


Paint it black.

And we mean pretty much anything (preferablyjust not everything).

Floor, wall, bathtub, shelf, backsplash, fireplace,brick, or anything else that could use a spicy coat of paint.

Choosing which objects to paint can be tricky,but just have fun with it.

Almost anything can be painted black.

Just don’t overdo it, or it you’ll startfeeling like Gollum in his cave Just be careful when choosing other colorsto use.

Often it’s easy to go crazy and use too many colors in addition to place andyour place ends up looking like a Barnum and Bailey nightmare.

Throughout years of fashion history, blackis a classy and decorative color that people often dismiss when redecorating.

It’s been used for symbolic things, as wellas expression of the human emotion and elements of the spirit.

Besides reflecting all the colors at once,black is a neutral and sophisticated color that never goes out of fashion.

From window frames to the back walls of yourbookshelf, black can really change up the look of your house.


Make your doors more interesting using moldingand paint.

Everyone has a few boring doors.

That’s not to say they need to grab yourattention—they’re doors—but you can add a sophisticated style to your home byadding some subtle molding to the door.

Then outline it by painting the molding adifferent color than the door.


Make a cool new filing chest for your office.

Filing important things is a necessary evilin everyone’s life.

Here’s a cool DIY project that will redefinethe way you file things away.

You can use it to store anything—from children’stoys to important documents.

You make it for what you want it to be.

Check out this guide for what you’ll needand how to assemble it.


DIY wooden hose holder with planter.

If you’re tired of coiling up the waterhose only to hang it on a hook where it gets all jumbled once again, take on this DIY projectto hide the hose.

With this detailed instruction and tools list, you’ll be on your way to having a cleaner and more beautiful patio area.

The planter fits nicely on the top, whilethe hose gets stored away down in the bottom.


Spray paint a colorful filing cabinet.

The perfect remedy for a boring office witha plan Jane filing cabinet is a great paint job.

Paint can do so many different things, andin this case it can really spice up your office area.

Step one is finding a filing cabinet if youdon’t already have one.

They can be found in almost any thrift store.

Then use painter’s tape to block off theareas you want to paint.

In this fun example, you can see how stripesmake a regular cabinet look fresh and new.


Shiplap your wall for cheap.

Everyone has “that” wall in their home.

Maybeit’s due for a paint job or you just don’t like the décor on a specific wall.

Give it a facelift by using cheap shiplapto create a textured modern look.

You can choose the color or go with somethingmore natural looking, like a good quality wood.

This is a cool way to make that drab wallone of your favorite parts of your home.


Make pull-out shelves for the pantry.

Tired of finding outdated food in the backof your pantry? There’s no telling what kind of swamp monsterit could turn into in the back of that pantry you can’t see into.

Fix this issue by following this detailedguide on how to install pull-out drawers for your pantry.

Trust us, when you’re mid-recipe lookingfor that one can of tomato sauce, you’ll thank us.


Industrial style laundry hamper.

Hate doing laundry? Us too.

Spice it up with a cool laundry hamper thatyou actually like to look at.

You’ll use a simple metal trash can whichcan be found at a local hardware store to make a rolling hamper you’ll love to use.


Make a chalk board headboard.

Here’s a cool DIY project that is a funaddition to any bedroom, kid or adult (and it’s also a great way to get your kid toget INTO the bed at night).

Just use some general plywood, wood stain,chalk board paint, and a few yardsticks to get started on this project.

Kids love this and adults do too! 20.

Craft a vintage headboard.

This is a fresh take on another kind of headboard.

In this guide, you will find out how to useartistic frames to fit together in order to form a headboard.

The frames have cool-shaped holes so thatthe background comes through.

The great part is that you get to choose thebackground colors by using a cool sheet or the perfect material.


Create a book headboard.

Another headboard idea? They’re the perfect way to dress up thebedroom, and it sounds harder than it really is.

This is an ultra-modern version of a headboard,so put your 2017 hat on and let’s get started! You’re going to use opened books to fastento a larger headboard, and eventually you’ll end up with a perfectly secured headboard.


Design your own light-up headboard.

Okay, another headboard design.

But really—you’re going to love it.

This guide shows you how to craft and assembleyour own light up headboard.

You can choose how the lights are arranged,and in what shape on the headboard.

It leaves the perfect glow for late nightreading without struggling with a lamp.

And you choose the word or shape you wantin the board.


Assemble a Styrofoam headboard.

Styrofoam anything is cheap and easy to find.

But when mounted on a wall as a headboardand painted, it looks expensive.

This is a fast and easy way to redecorateyour bedroom on a budget.

You can use sticky adhesive squares to fastenthem to the wall.

For more headboard ideas (16 more, in fact),check out a link under this video: 24.

DIY Board and Batton border for a fancy room.

There’s no better way to dress up a roomsuch as a dining room or sitting room than to give it borders and textures.

Of course, you could hire someone to do thisfor you, but that could be pricy.

Plus you’ll value it more if you do it yourself! For a little more challenging project (ifyou like that sort of thing), follow this guide to give your walls a clean new finishby doing it yourself.


How to fix popped drywall screws.

Do you have those annoying screws that popout of the drywall and leave hideous marks in your wall? This video explains how to fix this problemeasily.

You’ll need to grab some more drywall screwsand some lightweight patching compound, as well as some basic tools.

When you’re done, you’ll be glad to berid of those ugly holes and you’ll be glad you didn’t fork over a ton of cash to doit.


Make a sofa with storage.

If you’d rather add to your living room,rather than redecorate it, this is a cool way to fancify your home while adding somestorage solutions as well.

Sofas with wrap-around shelves is a recentthing, but one that won’t go out of style.

Some classy wooden shelves that border yoursofa is a great touch to having more storage and a refined look.

Just make sure you haveadequate room to do this project since adding shelves to your sofa can take up space.


DIY paneled wall.

Give your room an update in this simple DIYproject by making interesting panels for your wall.

Not only is this a cool and fun project, butit will leave you with a high class look to your room.

By using a laser, you can draw on your wallexactly where the panels will go so that everything is level, and so that you can be sure youlike the look.

For additional directions, check it out here: 28.

Give an interesting and natural look to yourwall.

Use plank boards, or thin plywood sheetingto design your own wall with personality.

In this guide, they’ve used many differentcolors and stain combinations in order to give a blast of color and personality.

If you like something more subtle, then youcan go with just one or two colors.

It is recommended that you buy enough woodone the first time, and measure everything out before you begin.

If you liked any of these ideas (or if youwere brave enough to try any), let us know by liking this video or commenting below.

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28 Home Makeover Ideas 2017



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