35 DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas Giving a Complete Makeover

Right from that cute little pantry to thestorage jars, from the kitchen walls to the menu board, everything has got a whole lotof possibilities for a makeover.

Here are 35 DIY Kitchen Decorating ProjectsGiving a Complete Makeover.

by Nicole.


Upcycled Old Rake to Rustic Utensil Holder.

All you need to do is attach an old rake toa painted wooden board, and screw some hooks to it.


Make a cool DIY Rope Sign.

All you need is heavy twine or thin rope,reclaimed wood, pencil and paper to sketch, chalk, hot glue gun and glue sticks, cordlessdrill, and miter saw to get going with the project.


DIY Wine Rack.

Matter what’s the theme of your decor, this one won’t fail to compliment it.


DIY Menu Board.

This DIY Menu Board will make that schedulinga lot more easier.


DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder.

Here is something that can get them well-organizedin a way that looks truly amazing at the same time.


Home Improvements : Pallet Pot Rack.

This one can surely come handy for your kitchenorganization, specially if you have got dozens of pallets.


Kitchen Decorating – Wooden Spoon Display.

Go for different patterns, great combinationsof colors, introduce something tribal, or colorful or retro to your spoons.


DIY: Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars.

Simply paint them in a glittery golden paint that compliments the shade of your silverwaremiraculously well.


Free Kitchen Printables.

Spruce up the looks of your entire kitchenwith some bright and vibrant printable wall art.


Check the Label.

these labelled jars will only make thingslook appealing, while keeping it well-managed at the same time.


Painted Kitchen Stools.

That amazing graphic design printed on the top makes them look just so trendy and edgy.


Things to Make and Do – Colored Flower Water.

All you need to do is soak the natural colorof the flower or the plant in some boiling water.


Anthro-inspired Zinc Letters.

they usually come for a great deal of cost,which makes it a better option to build your own set of Anthro-inspired alphabets.


DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Sign.

It can also add some contrast and color to your kitchen, taking the decor to new levelsof prettiness.


DIY Light-up Cafe Sign.

Let the whole space be enlightened with a soft and subtle brightness, making the ambiancemuch more cozy.


DIY Planter Box Picture Frame.

that elegant, wooden frame with a winsomeplanters box at the bottom also adds a lot more beauty and function to your kitchen.


DIY Tea Towels – Love and Coffee.

This one has got a love and coffee theme printedon the towels, and looks absolutely adorable! 18.

Stained Wood Chalkboard Kitchen Sign.

How easy it is to build this kitchen signis surely going to get you amazed.


Free Kitchen Printables.

those gorgeous prints showcasing little elementsof baking a great dessert make them oh so lovable in the very first glimpse.


DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen Sign.

Making your very own versions of this industrial kitchen sign is exceptionally easy and quick.


DIY Painted Bottles.

These DIY Painted Bottles upcycle a few oldbottles from your kitchen in the most beautiful ways ever.


DIY Cutting Board Wall Art.

You can personalize it in just about any style and pattern of your choice.


Burlap Coffee Canister.

it has got a gorgeous rustic touch to it,this one backs the idea of keeping things subtle.


DIY String Bowls.

Tape a design and add some paint, to get yourbowls ready for housing some fruits or other kitchen stuff.


Silverware Artwork.

The end results are fantastic enough to letyou steal some huge round of applause from everyone who enters your kitchen.


DIY Rustic Wood Tray.

All you need to do is grab that tray and get going towards making a cup of hotness, whereverand whenever you feel like! 27.

A Door Organizer.

this Door Organizer can work wonders as aDIY shelf storing things you otherwise can’t keep perfectly in the drawers.


Large DIY Wood Clock from Fence Posts or PalletWood.

Here is a surprisingly easy yet fun-filledDIY project that even the little kiddos can help you out with.


Pallet Signs and the Silhouette Challenge.

The signs look so adorable with those cutestencils printed on them in lovely.


DIY Kitchen Pegboard.

This DIY Kitchen Pegboard is the answer toall your limited space problems.


Plant Hanging Basket.

This Plant Hanging Basket would surely bring a smile on your lips.


DIY Mercury Glass Vase.

All thanks to a mirror effect spray paintthat can transform a regular glass vase into a DIY Mercury Glass Vase.


Free Printable Pantry Labels.

get your kitchen storage well-labeled andstylishly organized.


Herb Garden Old Kettle Style.

Adding some potting soil and a little rustictouches to the kettles are all it takes to begin with the planting.


Enamel Mug Organizer.

And not to forget, those cup handles can workgreat as towel hooks too.

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35 DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas Giving a Complete Makeover



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