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(upbeat folk music) – Hi, I'm Christiane Lemieux,founder of Dwell Studio and we're overhaulingJudy and Benjy's bathrooms with some help from our friends at Sterling, a Kohler company.

The design process for themaster bathroom remodel started with some inspiration from Judy.

After some back and forth,I created a design plan to update the style of their bathroom based on their needs and wants.

For the master bathroomwe created a color story of rich oak and brushed nickel.

I really wanted to createsomething transitional and gorgeous that wouldbe a sanctuary for Judy.

This is gonna be a place forher to escape her hectic life.

We really want this to be a personal spot.

We also wanted to upgrade everything with beautiful quality products that would make thewhole experience better.

Judy and Benjy wanted a serious upgrade so we chose new everything.

They decided not to repurpose anything.

Judy and Benjy wanted to make sure their beautiful new bathrooms had all the functionality they wanted.

One of the things that was important to them was saving water,so we installed a new Stinson high efficiencytoilet from Sterling.

It uses 20% less water thanthe industry standard toilet.

Plus, the quick connect system made the installation fast and easy.

The base is designed in size to help cover the footprintleft by the old toilet, perfect for a remodel like this one.

Judy and Benjy reallyloved the vanity I found from Kohler and that really helped inspire the design forthe rest of the space.

It also looks greatwith the sink we chose, the Stinson model from Sterling.

It's both modern and luxurious and has great styling with itsgeometric shape design.

It's also super durable and easy to clean.

We really wanted a feeling of luxury in the master bath so wedid some amazing things like add a Kohler HydroRailshower column with a rain head.

And Sterling's Ensemble alcove shower was perfect because it has amazing detail and great, well thought out storage.

The fixtures we chose are timeless and elegant and just alittle bit indulgent.

And in the end, I think it all came together even better than we expected.

Judy and Benjy reallyloved their new bathroom and they're so excitedto start enjoying it.

Jump over to my YouTube channel to get all the tips and tricks we used to create this beautiful master bathroom.

Like usual, we're gonnahave all kinds of extras on Instagram, Facebook,Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Benji & Judy Bathroom Kin Home Makeover | Kin Community



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