How to Fix A Dripping or Leaky Single Handle Faucet

Got a dripping faucet? We’ll show you howto fix three types of single handle faucets—ball, cartridge and ceramic disc.

First, determine the source of the leak.

Aleaky spout means damaged parts inside the body.

A leak at the base means damaged sealsaround the body.

Turn off the shut off valves.

If they’restuck, turn off the main water valve.

Turn on the faucet to release any residualwater.

Close the drain and place a towel in the sink to help protect it.

Also remove the aerator.

If it’s stuck,soak a towel in white vinegar and wrap it around the aerator for about an hour.

Afteran hour, gently remove the aerator with a towel and pliers.

As you’re taking apart the faucet, lay theparts in order and snap a picture to help with reassembly.

Put the parts in a plasticbag to take to the store.

You can replace one specific part, but it’susually best to get a kit and replace all the parts.

Also buy a new aerator if yoursis damaged.

Keep in mind these directions are typicalbut check the manufacturer’s instructions for your faucet.

On ball valve faucets, loosen the set screwand take off the handle.

Then take off the cap.

To repair a leaky spout, remove the cam, washer and ball.

Note how the holes in the ball lineup with the faucet body.

Use a small screwdriver to remove the seats and springs.

To repair leaks at the base, slide off thespout, then replace the O-rings.

Add a little plumber’s grease and replace the spout.

Put new seats on new springs and put themback in place.

Replace the ball — making sure the holes are lined up.

Then replacethe washer and cam, and reassemble the rest of the faucet.

For cartridge faucets, remove the cap andtake out the screw and clip.

Then take off the handle and trim ring.

Unscrew the retainerand pull out the cartridge.

Insert a new cartridge.

Then reassemble thefaucet.

To repair a ceramic disc faucet, remove thehandle, and trim ring.

Unscrew the retainer nut, and pull out the cylinder.

Instead ofrepairing the discs on the bottom it’s best to install a new cylinder.

Put the faucetback together, and turn it on.

For all faucets turn on the supply valvesslowly and without the aerator let the water run for a few minutes to flush out any debris.

Clean a dirty aerator by soaking it in white vinegar.

Rinse it and screw it back in.

Now your faucet should be working like new.

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How to Fix A Dripping or Leaky Single Handle Faucet



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