How to Fix a Faucet : How to Tighten a Kitchen Sink Handle

Hi! This John on behalf of Expert Village.

In this video clip I will show you how to tighten a sink handle.

I'm going to show youthe inside of the faucet first.

You will see that there is a set screw here which tightensthe faucet handle to the inside.

There is a hole on the outside, where your Allen wrenchwill go and fit in the set screw that you are going to tighten down.

So this is whatit is going to look like when we are doing this on the faucet.

So looking at our faucet,we have this hole that we are going to put our Allen wrench into, and there is a setscrew inside of it.

So we are going to go ahead and tighten up that Allen screw, andit looks like our faucet is pretty good.

For this I turn the water off, but for most casesit is not necessary.

Source: Youtube

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How to Fix a Faucet : How to Tighten a Kitchen Sink Handle



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