How To Tighten Down A Loose Faucet Handle

Alright If you have got a loose handle.

Kitchenfaucet, you can see how lose that is.

This one is nice and tight.

This is on a high risefaucet and this particular faucet the screw is hidden underneath here and it's an Alanscrew.

You can probably see inside here and if youhave the correct sized Alan key you can tighten this up here.

Or if you have an Alan set aset of Alan keys you just figure out which one is your correct size and it is just amatter of tightening this down.

This one still seems a little loose there.

There we go.

If you do it this way you can get a little more leverage.

That is tighteneddown nice and snug here.

So we can put our little index button back in here.

This is the left side which is the hot side.

Cold side is usually on the right.

And we are all set there.

Good to go.

Handle is niceand tight.

Source: Youtube

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How To Tighten Down A Loose Faucet Handle



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