Ideas for Garage Floor Tiles

When turning your garage into a neatly organizedspace in which you’re planning to spend a lot of time, garage floor tiles are themost versatile option for comfortable, stylish flooring.

They give a great, upscale look and offera tremendous amount of versatility.

There are a lot of companies making garagefloor tiles.

These tiles lock together and come in sectionsthat are usually a foot on each side.

They interlock with each other, so you canchoose lots of different colors and patterns for one space, if you want to.

Try doing wide stripes in your favorite team’scolors, or do a black border around the edge of the garage and a bright color in the middle.

Or maybe you can do rectangles the size ofyour cars, lawnmowers, and bicycles, to label the parking space for each of them.

A classic black and white checkerboard isa fun look, as is a diamond pattern.

For a great automotive look, choose garagefloor tiles in a diamond tread.

This is the tread you see on the floors ofmany mechanic shops and on the steps up onto tractor trailer cabs.

It’s a fun look that adds traction and makesthe surface less slippery.

For a garage that will serve as a play areafor the kids, too, try a tile system that’s designed specifically to be used as a sportingsurface for rollerblades, hockey, or tennis.

They work great in garages, too.

Many of these interlocking tiles offer draingrooves, too.

Most garages are built with a slight slopefrom the back to the opening, allowing spills and washing water to drain right out.

Adding tiles with drain grooves directs thewater and spills, keeping messes to a minimum.

Speaking of messes, tiled garage floors arevery easy to keep clean.

They don’t stain as badly as concrete, andif they do stain, you can simply throw out a tile and replace it with a new one.

Installing garage floor tiles is really easy.

Just make sure you’re starting out withthe tiles straight, and it’s a simple matter to snap in each successive tile.

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Ideas for Garage Floor Tiles



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