Kraus KPF-1650SS Faucet Review

If you're shopping for a faucet you've probablyseen all the negative reviews talking about cheap components that fail and flood yourkitchen.

This is the only faucet I could find thatdidn't have a one or two star negative review on Amazon.

I think that's because of the quality componentsthat are used as well as the much more simple design.

For instance this hose that stays above thecounter is a much better design than hoses that go down into the counter.

It eliminates wear and tear and is much easierto use.

This is the kpf-1650 in stainless steel byKraus.

In this review we'll cover the features ofthis faucet that make it a worthy addition to your kitchen.

The first thing you'll notice when unboxingthe faucet is the weight.

Because of the premium materials used thefaucet is heavier than most.

Included in the packaging are two braidedhoses and a cover plate in case you have a three hole sink.

The faucet is turned on by pulling outwardon the handle.

The sprayer is activated by a toggle on theside of the sprayer itself.

Adjusting the temperature is very fluid andsmooth using the handle.

The vertical position is cold and horizontalis hot.

You can also adjust the rate of flow by movingthe handle in or out.

The sprayer easily detaches from the metallatch and is held in place by a fairly strong magnet.

You'll notice that when you turn the faucetoff in spray mode it automatically returns to regular mode.

This is a personal preference that will vary,but I prefer this design.

Having it return to normal mode automaticallyafter each use is a great idea.

It effortlessly switches as the water is turnedoff.

Only time will tell if this continues to workso well in the months and years to come.

The magnetic latch is a breeze to use butthe sprayer won't automatically latch if you just drop it after use.

Thankfully though, if you get the sprayerclose to the latch it easily snaps in place.

The spray arm has a great range of motion.

In fact it can spin a full 360�.

And because of the fittings inside of thefaucet the braided pipes underneath the cabinet stay put regardless of how you spin the sprayarm up top.

The spring holding the extra hose is fairlystiff.

You can easily bring the sprayer down to thetop of sink, but going much lower than that requires more force than I'd be comfortableputting on this on a regular basis.

However the fitting on the end of the hoseappears to be really well connected and should be able to withstand that amount of force.

Some of the online reviews I read expressedconcern over which portions of the faucet were metal.

There's no metal colored plastic here.

With the exception of the hose and the internalsof the sprayer, everything is real metal.

Even the sprayer which is mostly plastic inside,is still housed in metal.

And while we're talking about the sprayer,it easily removes to allow you to flush debris and sediment from within.

The faucet isn't commercial in design onlybut it is in quality as well.

The all metal design should last a lifetime.

But if you do have any problems with it Krausbacks it by a limited lifetime warranty.

That means as long as the faucet stays inthis location in this house and you're still the homeowner, should you have any problemswith it, they'll repair or replace it no questions asked.

Like the larger commercial faucets that thiswas designed after, this faucet has plenty of water pressure.

Whether on spray or normal mode, there isplenty of pressure for blasting off food from your dishes.

It's also great for agitating the water tocreate lots of soapy bubbles.

You'll want to be mindful of that water pressurewhen rinsing your dishes.

You can easily splash water all over yourcounters if you're not careful.

Holding the dishes down low in the sink certainlyhelps.

You can also dial down the water volume tohelp with this as well.

You can also go a step farther and dial backyour water supply lines by closing the valves on each line slightly.

Even just the slightest amount will greatlyhelp with water not splashing everywhere.

Doing this has seemed to cause the sprayernot to switch back from spray to normal mode as easily though.

Keep working with it until you find the bestcompromise to suit your needs.

All the marketing pictures show the faucetmounted with the handle off to the side.

Thankfully it's very flexible and can be mountedin any direction.

I chose to mount it facing forward to makeit easier to reach for my kids and so the water from your hands would fall back in thesink and not onto the counter when turning the water off.

If you're looking for a faucet built to lastand don't mind the commercial design then I highly recommend this model by Kraus.

If you have any questions that I didn't coverin this review then please feel free to leave those in the comments.

If you've enjoyed this video review then pleasegive it a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you haven't done so already, and as always,thanks for watching.

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Kraus KPF-1650SS Faucet Review



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