Which Type of Wood Patio Furniture is Best?

When you think of wood patio furniture, youthink about sitting outside, with your tea or diet coke, watching the kids play, or justrelaxing, getting away from the computer, the phone and anything else that is beckoningyour attention inside.

Your patio furniture therefore, is importantto you and needs to be something that will last and stand up to the rain, the sun andeven the snow.

There aren't too many types of patio furniturethat can stand up to all of these elements but one.

Teak wood patio furniture is one that willstand up to the elements and time.

The wood is dense, very sturdy and extremelydurable.

It is not damaged easily, so it can take the beating of the weather and the kids.

Teak has natural oils that make the wood impermeableto the elements.

Whether it is rain, hail, snow, high humidityor extreme heat and sun, the teak wood can stand up to it.

Unlike other wood, teak wood patio furniturewill not lose its beautiful sheen or richness.

It does quite the opposite, it will becomemore beautiful as the years pass.

When you first purchase the furniture, youwill see that it is a beautiful golden brown, as it ages it turns to an ash gray in color,giving it a very refined and dignified appearance.

You will occasionally want to wash it downwith soap and water, preferably once-a-year.

If you do this, your teak wood patio furniturewill be preserved and look beautiful forever.

If you want to keep the golden brown color,all you need to do is a bit of light sanding and brush on a light coat of teak oil, andthat’s it.

Teak wood patio furniture may tend to crackas teak wood does.

But this is nothing to be concerned about,it is normal for this type of wood, it is still extremely tough and will last.

You may want to add some teak oil to the crackedareas to keep it moisturized to prevent further cracking.

Your furniture will also be termite resistant,so no worries there either.

The only thing that will damage it is juiceor wine.

If a spill happens, sand, wash with soapywater and then brush a couple of coats of teak oil and it will be good as new.

Teak wood patio furniture will be a greatinvestment for your backyard, you will enjoy it for years and who knows, hand it down toyour kids.

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Which Type of Wood Patio Furniture is Best?



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